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B2B May 23, 2022

Now Logistics Company Los Angeles provides comprehensive logistics services, including the transportation of clothing products. We have the know-how to safely transport a wide range of products, but we often consolidate light cargo such as clothing products in order to carry out “joint delivery,” which is one of the characteristics of Now Logistics, and this inevitably led to the formation of our current corporate structure.

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B2B May 19, 2022

CBD Direct Solutions LLC is proud to have some of the highest quality best Delta 8 Flower online. Our company prides itself in providing high-quality products that appeal to a broad audience.

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Calm Your Mind and Soul with Our Birthday Cake CBD Flower

B2B May 12, 2022

CBD flower strains

One of the many CBD flower strains we’re excited about is called Birthday Cake CBD. The Birthday Cake strain is a perfect example of the ingenuity of cross-breeding and pollinating cannabis plants. Now that hemp and cannabis growing and dispensing is decriminalized federally and legal in most states, growers have the leverage and resources to harvest specific strains of CBD flower.

As we have discussed extensively in previous blog posts, the popularity of CBD flowers and other CBD products has skyrocketed in recent years. New medical studies continue to confirm that this powerful cannabinoid has the potential to relieve the pain of various physiological ailments including chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and dozens of others.

Grand daddy purple cbd flower
Granddaddy purple top shelf CBD flower

Millions of hemp users have experienced this power firsthand. It’s not like dispensary store customers are sitting at home reading clinical studies about the effects of CBD and then deciding to go out and purchase. They’re trying it out for themselves and operating off of that visceral experience.

And for the vast majority of frequent users, the evidence is strong and the conclusion is undeniable: CBD flower strains like Birthday Cake CBD and others have a pronounced effect on their bodies and minds that is substantially different and qualitatively better than high-THC strains.

CBD and other cannabinoids are already a part of the vanguard of a new natural healthcare movement that is slowly sweeping across the country. The idea is simple: you can treat and sometimes cure pain without painkillers; and you can treat and sometimes cure anxiety without drugs and alcohol. While some may argue that CBD is still a drug despite its non-intoxicating effects, its likely safer and healthier for intermediate pain than the vast majority of prescriptions and recreational substances.

But how do cannabis growers cultivate such rich ratios of high-CBD flowers?

The Strange Art/Magic/Science of Crossbreeding For CBD Flower

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time consuming marijuana, you know that different strains of cannabis can have dramatically different effects on the user. This includes psychological effects, as some strains might make you incredibly energetic, conversational or happy while other strains make you tired, withdrawn, and sometimes even anxious.

You’re probably familiar with the indica versus sativa debate but the truth is that individual strains within those categories have distinctive characteristics, such as different tastes and smells.

Cannabis breeders are the mad scientists that experiment with crossbreeding different plants to achieve specific trait profiles. In a process that can take years, breeders choose “parent” strains to cross-breed and then sometimes back-cross them to stabilize a new phenotype. The goal is to end up with a strain that has certain desirable traits and no bad traits.

This is even more complicated with marijuana plants than with your average garden food crops. These food crops are usually “monoecious,” signifying the individual plants have male and female organs.

Conversely, cannabis plants are considered “dioecious” and do not each contain male and female parts. Rather, each plant is either male or female. The female plant grows the cannabinoid buds and is pollinated by the male plant to produce seeds. This kind of cross-pollination produces a much greater and more diverse genetic pool from which growers can cross-breed.

While beneficial to the aim of breeding for specific traits – such as high-CBD content – this form of harvesting is also more time-consuming and difficult. But ultimately, it allows for breeders to carefully select and pursue the kinds of buds they want, such as the inverted THC: CBD ratio in Birthday Cake CBD. The typical Birthday Cake strain is about 20%+ THC and less than 1% CBD. After scrupulous cross-breeding, however, those percentages are effectively flip-flopped and a reliably medicinal CBD flower is born.

Growers like the Crawford brothers in Oregon demonstrate the devotion and discipline that comes with breeding for high-CBD flower buds.

“Good breeding is no secret, it’s just a lot of hard work and it takes years of research and development to accomplish,” Seth Crawford stated in a recent interview about the recent surge in CBD popularity.

His brother added: “Good breeders are not people who just take two plants they like and cross them to get some ‘good stuff.’ Good breeders are people who take the time and make a plan, they create specific inbred lines to reach a target. But overall, it’s not rocket science.”

While it may not be rocket science, the methodology behind breeding is certainly not simple. Breeders must have a knack for registering and analyzing multiple types of traits all at once. Factors include:

  • The shape of the leaves
  • Calyx size
  • The morphology and growing conditions
  • Color
  • Cannabinoid amount
  • Cannabinoid profile
  • Flavor and aroma
  • Aroma and cannabinoid stability
  • Trichome typology
  • Resin quantity and quality
  • Resin persistence
  • Drying and curing times

Breeders must, of course, also prioritize the development of productive strains that can continually perform on the market. Additionally, potency is a major factor and here growers have seen a sea change when it comes to the demand for CBD-rich strains over THC-rich strains.

Birthday Cake CBD is thus an illustrative case study in the art/magic/science of cross-breeding cannabis plants, as well as a marker of how the cannabis growing market now favors CBD flowers.

Birthday Cake CBD taste profile and effects

Our Birthday Cake CBD flower packs a powerful punch. Taste-wise, the hybrid strain carries a vanilla and nut flavor due to its unusual balance of terpenes and cannabinoids. This dynamic results from the cross-breeding of GSC and Cherry Pie strains, whose colorful genes and trichomes give Birthday Cake CBD a festive and ceremonial appearance. It’s been described as a strain that looks like a birthday present, which is presumably how the name arose.

However, as mentioned above, unlike many varieties of the Birthday Cake strain, ours is primarily a CBD flower that has been carefully bred to have a full-spectrum array of compounds without a predominance of THC. Full-spectrum means that while Birthday Cake CBD has higher amounts of CBD, especially when compared to its THC content, it also contains smaller but significant amounts of other cannabinoids and still more trace amounts of other compounds.

There are 113 known cannabinoids – of which THC, CBD, and CBN rank as the most popular – but only one cannabinoid is considered the “stem cell,” the progenitor of them all. That would be CBG, or cannabigerol, which for years lay largely unrecognized for its significant role in the early development of cannabis plants. Now scientists and breeders know that not only is CBG critical to marijuana flowers in the early growing phase, it eventually morphs into other cannabinoids during the mature phase.

Like CBD and CBN, CBG is non-psychoactive but many growers and users say that it brings a powerful feeling of psychological wellness and may help with physical ailments like chronic pain, appetite loss, inflammation, and headaches. Studies were done on CBG also demonstrate the potential for slowing the growth of cancer cells, decreasing the discomfort of glaucoma, and treating inflammatory bowel conditions and Crohn’s disease, although more research is still needed to make any conclusive claims.

The aforementioned Crawford brothers have built an entire business model around CBD but believe that CBG will be the next big craze in cannabis. Full-spectrum blends like Birthday Cake CBD allow one to experience the collective effort of CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids.

For more info about the potential of CBG, click here to read our blog post.

CBD Flower and Indoor Hemp Flower for sale

Higher Hemp has a variety of CBD flower recommendations for your pandemic bug-out bag, including the staff favorite, Grand Daddy Purple CBD flower, which has 22.8% CBD content. Our indoor hemp flower for sale on our website comes to us from the most responsible, scientifically advanced growers in the industry, who take pride in cross-breeding hybrid CBD flower strains that help people manage pain and anxiety.

Birthday Cake CBD is a great example of our organically grown, top-shelf, indoor CBD flower selection, which contains up to 25% CBD by weight and less than 0.3% THC.

In addition to the myriad strains of lab-tested and certified CBD flowers, we also offer CBD oil, CBD joints and blunts, CBD cartridges, CBD concentrates, CBD topicals, and even CBD for pets. Click here to read our post about the benefits of CBD for pets.

As always, remember that all our products are packaged with eco-friendly and sustainable hemp material and biodegradable bioplastic.

Also, remember that we offer free same-day delivery in San Diego County and 2-day priority shipping nationwide.

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CBD Business List

B2B May 9, 2022

Find the top CBD companies list on CBD Business List. We have the largest database of the top suppliers of CBD oil distributors, manufacturers and retailers.

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Best super-intriguing cars available to be purchased 2022

Uncategorized May 8, 2022

used car for sale in uae

By far most of the competitors here are limousine base adequately colossal to make the ordinary three-room semi-isolated house look nearly nothing, but several of the most timid and appealing SUVs in the world get it done as well. If you want unquestionably the last say in regards to richness, headway, sensation of occasion and introduced status from your choice of vehicle, this is the specialty you’ll shop in. There isn’t a vehicle here that you can buy for not actually a six-figure cost, and a couple might even cost you seven figures. For standard super-extravagance class client base, taking everything into account, to be denied the opportunity to twofold the cost of your vehicle in making it totally your own future an authoritative mind-set executioner. Along these lines, if you like being chauffeured around like Ruler Sugar in a Colorful Cars available to be purchased adequately extraordinary to make you feel ten feet tall and you can deal with the expense of the very best life offers that would be useful, indeed, lucky you. Your driver should organize this.

Moves royce spirit

The most spectacular and most essential extravagance development in motordom was displaced by Moves Royce in 2017 and given a shining five-star road test welcome by our road analyzers as of now. used cars for sale Owners will treasure it in any occasion as much for the sumptuous clarification of wealth and status it supplies and for the unparalleled sensation of occasion you value while going in one. Anyway, while many will not at any point know so much, the latest Phantom is in like manner an express joy and an exceptional happiness to drive. Its superbly pleasant and exceptionally separating ride comfort can be tried from the aft guest plans, clearly, and looks like nothing else you’ll insight in an Intriguing Cars available to be purchased: softly loping and deliciously liberal tendency yet furthermore particularly quiet and smooth, despite Moves Royce’s fitment of the latest run-penetrated tire development. Anyway the precision feel and ideal heap of the vehicle’s immense rimmed directing wheel is groundbreaking, similarly the straightforwardness with which you can place such an enormous vehicle all over town; the obstruction it has for anything that speed of progress suits your trip; the exceptional refinement and versatility of its V12 engine; and the progress of its choke pedal on advance off.

Bentley flying goad

Bentley’s four-entrance ‘Central area’- course of action limousine started its state of the art life as the Central area Flying Spike in 2006, simply dropping the classification prefix that gets it together with Crewe’s current two-entrance GT with its most prominent model upgrade yet in 2014. Anyway, the Flying Push is at present in its third period – something not hard to recognize from the prouder, progressively solid construction, which procures strongly from the most recent, charming Central area GT roadster. Crewe’s ‘lesser’ bar furthermore benefits radically from another stage, which was co-made with Porsche and uses four-wheel directing and dynamic adversary of move bars. It moreover better safeguards the exceptionally lavish hotel from the road, and gives the reason for really incredible driving components. Handle, balance and directing are generally distinguishable better Colorful Cars available to be purchased.

Mercedes-maybach S650

The most extreme and most remarkable Colorful Cars available to be purchased in what might be the most overall around respected and regarded limousine run in the world, the S650 is the high level driving figure for Daimler’s Maybach super-extravagance brand. To choose by appearances, you’d state it was in any occasion as much S-Class as Maybach, and that is the result of Daimler’s fundamental decision, required two or three years earlier, to broaden the compass of the Maybach marque by making ‘brilliance’ Maybach models over a piece of its inexorably run of the mill Mercedes voyager vehicle ranges. The super phenomenal, Simon Cowell-spec, Maybach-only 57 and 62 limousines were at the same time moved to history.

Bentley mulsanne

A limousine that is freely recognized, whose proximity reports itself from numerous yards away and whose plan is connected to serving the expenses of the voyager first and the driver an indisputable second might sound participating on a basic level. Regardless, if you conjecture the reality of obligation regarding a vehicle presumably won’t guarantee extremely so a lot, don’t pressure, considering the way that the super-extravagance class has something for you also: the Bentley Mulsanne.

Moves royce cullinan

Goodwood’s Marmite development to the super-extravagance section appeared in 2018, on account of a ton of Moves Royce client input that an even more step by step usable, all-surface-skilled, family-practical model would be a welcome way to deal with increment the organization’s display area broaden used car for sale in uae. The Cullinan has been met by sufficient investigation of its construction, from all quarters, to have set in aspic an inclination that its maker has confronted a vital test in introducing a Used affirmed cars available to be purchased that some have depicted as awkward and ugly and others have pounded in even less insightful terms. However, if Moves Royce’s factual looking over stays steady, and an extended time of insisted orders is a respectable sign that it will, the total abhorrence of the people who could not have possibly bought a Cullinan regardless will do close to nothing to hold it back from transforming into a business accomplishment.

cars for sale 

used cars in abu dhabi

car for sale in uae

used cars in uae

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E-Shop Labo

Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO Submission Sites, Technology May 7, 2022

Eコマースはビジネスの重要な部分です。それは現在のビジネスシーンの重要な部分になりつつあります。しかし、実際のEコマースビジネスには多くの時間と人的資源が必要です。 E-Shop Laboはこのような問題を解決し、さらなるコスト削減と売上高の増加につながります。事業運営は常に課題であり、多くの犠牲を必要とし、さまざまな困難を克服する必要があります。私たちの使命は、ロサンゼルスのウェブ制作に注力することで、より挑戦しやすい社会に貢献することです。

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Akando Company Ltd.

Real Estate May 5, 2022

Akando Real Estate is your perfect Bangkok based real estate partner. So if you are searching for rental properties in Bangkok, Visit akandorealestate.com. We offer a wide selection of property for rent in Bangkok such as single houses, townhouses, condos, apartments, land, commercial etc. Visit now to explore our property list.

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Iplast Australasia Pty Ltd

B2B May 4, 2022

Iplast Australasia Pty Ltd has a full range of premium insulated cool bins in small to large sizes. Perfect fish storage and transportation solutions for fish, ice and perishables. Check out now!

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B2B May 4, 2022

Shop custom Mylar bags with instant pricing. 420 smells-proof bags, resealable storage stand-up pouches with direct print & sticker labels. Design services are FREE!

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Cosmonaut Chemicals

B2B May 3, 2022

Cosmonaut Chemicals provide an exclusive collection of fiber reactive dyes for cotton, cold water dye, hot water dye and other cellulosic fibers reactive dyes with the best price and quality. Visit us to get more info!

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