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Is Studying MBBS in Ukraine a Good Option?

Education February 4, 2021

Every year, hundreds of Indian students who aspire to become doctors seek MBBS in abroad. Their dream degree is MBBS. The main reason for rushing to foreign destinations is that India’s competition is too fierce to provide comfortable services, and many people cannot afford the course fees. Obviously, when another country provides similar medical education at a much lower cost than India, students will build their dreams overseas. In this case, the Eastern European country Ukraine positions itself as a haven for Indian students and provides a shelter for students from other countries worldwide.

Import Points to Know Before Studying MBBS in Ukraine

  1. The main attraction and benefit of studying MBBS in Ukraine are low and affordable fees. Compared with private universities in India, tuition fees are 70% cheaper. This is the main reason for the large flow of international students to Ukraine.
  2. Moreover, no donation was received for studying in a Ukrainian university; you can apply for a seat directly without any entrance exams.
  3. The language of instruction in Ukraine’s top universities is English, so the language will not be a barrier for international students who wish to receive education in Ukraine.
  4. Before choosing a university to study for MBBS, you must check whether the university is accredited by the NMC (National Medical of Commission).
  5. The MBBS course in Ukraine lasts for 6 years and includes practical courses. The eligibility criteria for applying for this course are students must have at least 50% safety scores in biology, physics, and chemistry, and must be 17 years old and enrolled before December 31.
  6. In the first three years, the theoretical part will be carried out in terms of practical experience, and in the next three years, they will open practical parts in different hospitals in Ukraine.
  7. Therefore, it will help you improve your knowledge and gain experience from various hospitals.
  8. Ukrainian University has youth hostel facilities. Indian students will get food from the mess in India, and other ethnic groups will get food from their mess.
  9. If they want to cook their own meals, there are facilities here. Most hotels are near the university, so the trip takes about 5 or 10 minutes on foot.
  10. There are many Indian student advisors in Ukraine. So if you need any help, they will help you.
  11. The living cost in Ukraine is relatively affordable. We can buy groceries and other things, such as clothes and other fixed items, at low prices.
  12. In addition, students who travel on government transportation such as buses and trains will receive a university travel pass.
  13. Therefore, it only costs 50% of the actual travel price. For international travel, students will also receive discounts. It will be 30% lower than the normal price.
  14. These are some options for parents to visit their children through an entry visa; to obtain this visa, you need an invitation letter (tourist visa package). The visa period is only 15 days.
  15. Many universities in Ukraine are included in the world rankings.

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